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Hello my fellow book lovers! I know I have been absent for quite some time but life has a way of pulling you off track. Needless to say, I am back and I have found a new author that you guys have got to try!

Bradley Wright is his name and action is his game. I was drawn in by the title, of course, Whiskey and Roses just has all kinds of possibilities. Now I was skeptical and wasn’t sure if this would be a series I would like, but I decided to take a chance. Boy, am I glad I did! I couldn’t put this book down. It grabbed me from the first chapter and I am now a Xander King junkie.

The Xander King series is now a series that I am following with great love. Alexander (Xander) King is like a cross between Rambo and James Bond with Kentucky roots. He is an ex-Navy Seal that is out to deliver his brand of vengeance on the people who killed his parents years ago. He is intense, tough as nails, fast as lightning and sexy as hell. His joy in life is his whiskey business, his prized race horses, his friends and family. He would give his life for his friends in an instant and they would do the same for him. They share an unbreakable bond that will carry them around the world to fight some of the nastiest characters the world has ever produced. The fight scenes are chillingly realistic and the story line is a fast past whirlwind that will sweep you away and make your heart pound. The softer side of Xander will tug at your heartstrings and make you love him all the more!

There are 3 books in this series so far, with a prequel as an added bonus.  You don’t want to miss a single one! The titles are:

Whiskey and Roses       Vanquish          King’s Ransom       Prequel:  Vendetta

I have read each of these books and this author just gets better with each book! You will fall in love with the characters and you won’t be able to stop turning those pages to see what happens next! These books are action packed and you never know what’s going to happen next. Your emotions will run the gambit with these books; you will laugh, sigh, cry and scream in frustration. There is a hint of romance in this series but it doesn’t dominate the book. It’s more of a ‘will he ever be able to find a love that will survive his life’ kind of thing that will make your heart ache. But in true James Bond-ish style, he muddles through his relationship issues and lives his life to the fullest extent, usually with his best bud, Kyle, at his side and his right hand woman, Sam, watching his back.

This is seriously a great read that you don’t want to miss.

Here’s the teaser for Whiskey and Roses:

The world knows Xander King as a handsome, charismatic, and successful young businessman who was able to rise above a violent tragedy in his past. The CIA knows Xander as the US military’s most legendary soldier, turned vigilante assassin, that sharpens his skills in the shadows until he can exact revenge on the monster that stole his family. They have watched his double life go on long enough, and now the government wants their weapon back.Xander has different plans.
After a passionate night with Hollywood sweetheart, Natalie Rockwell, is violently interrupted by a surprise attack at Xander’s home, those plans are set in motion. Xander’s experts say it’s suicide, but with the CIA closing in he must sidestep them and take the fight directly to his rival. With unlimited resources and unimaginable skills, Xander’s enemy will need an army to survive his wrath. Turns out, that’s precisely what he has. This is no longer just about revenge, this is war.
These books are my pick for your Summer Reading List. They have won a permanent place in my library and I believe they will yours too.
All are available on amazon at this link:
Bradley Wright
BradleyWright: Author of the Xander King series
I will be following Bradley Wright with great anticipation. I believe he has the makings of a very talented writer and is a natural born story teller.

Feather Light Blog Tour


Feather_Light_Hi-Res_CoverSummary of Feather Light:
Parker Davis has conquered three major American cities and is the new ‘it’ man in massage. He earned the nickname ‘Feather Light’ for his sensual touches, tender caresses, and soft voice eliciting an almost orgasmic release. Clients from all over clamor for his services, and his clientele is growing by the minute. Business is at its peak, which makes Parker a busy man who has no time to deal with problems, let alone dwell on his blindness. With his declining vision, Parker has to accept his limitations and the changes brought forth by this disease, but he is not ready to relinquish the last control he has left. He is still the master in his bedroom.

Kelly Storm, a Hollywood actress, will do whatever it takes to get some much-deserved peace. Being famous has its perks, except the little privacy her popularity afforded her is slowly eating at her. With the paparazzi hounding her every minute of the day and her personal life under constant scrutiny, Kelly wants a semblance of normalcy wherever she can get it. Under the urging of a close friend, she agrees give Parker a try.

Their first meeting is nothing she expects. Kelly finds comfort in his gentle probing and the spellbinding experience guaranteed to keep her coming back for more. Parker knows the woman on his table is special. He feels her vulnerability with his fingertips, and her smooth curves leave a burning ache inside him.

One night of steamy passion is all it takes to know that they wanted each other in more ways than one. Kelly hides in heavy disguises, making it impossible for Parker to know her true identity. What secret is Kelly keeping, and will she trust Parker enough to tell him the truth? Will Parker see beyond Kelly’s lies to show her what a future with him holds?

Author Bio:
Lorenz Font discovered her love of writing after reading a celebrated novel that inspired one idea after another. She is currently enjoying the buzz from her debut novel Hunted, the first book of The Gates Legacy Trilogy and Indivisible Line, a romantic thriller. Her newest novel, Tormented, the second installment of The Gates Legacy, is now available for vampire lovers everywhere.

Writing is a therapy for Lorenz, and a perfect day consists of writing and playing with her characters while listening to her ever-growing music collection. She enjoys dabbling in different genres with an intense focus on angst and the redemption of flawed characters. Her fascination with romantic twists is a mainstay in all her stories.

Lorenz currently lives in California with her husband, children, and two demanding dogs. She divides her time between a full-time job as a Business Office Manager for a hospital and her busy writing schedule.

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Feather Light isn’t your average love story. This is an erotic love story with a fabulous story line.  The characters in this story have burdens in their lives to bear and pasts that threaten to destroy them.
Parker may seem to have everything going for him with his success as a masseur to the rich and famous but he has a secret or two that not all ladies will appreciate. In fact, he fears once these secrets come to light, everything he has worked for and everything he dreams of may be destroyed.
Kelly Storm has a few secrets of her own. She is desperate to have normalcy in her chaotic life. Then she meets Parker and all bets are off. She is draw to the famous massage therapist and longs for the peace and tranquility that only he can provide for her.

The situations in this story deal with struggles, insecurities, past baggage and not so past baggage. It is not the perfect love story. The characters have real pains and real struggles in their lives that they have to deal with before they can let themselves love and be loved.
Don’t miss out on this wonderful story of love and raw emotion.

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Review of Trust Me by Joan Callahan




Beth Carter is a psychologist to many and a single mother to four unruly boys. Patients might almost be manageable, but her boys aren’t. While the household lurches inevitably from one catastrophe to another, Beth finds herself barely managing to hold onto the vital threads of sanity whilst leading her often complex patients through their own remarkable journeys.

Beth finds it to be a lonely venture, leading her to look for love—but in all the wrong places.

jcallahanAuthor Bio:

Joan Callahan is a clinical psychologist practicing in Melbourne, Australia. She commenced her career teaching English and history at the prestigious Melbourne High School and later retrained in the field of psychology. Joan set up her own private practice and has a heavy forensic caseload, while providing consultancies to commerce, industry, and government. She also enjoys several mediation contracts. She particularly likes working with anxiety disorders, couples, and the full spectrum of psychological disorders.

Joan is the divorced mother of three boys, has three brothers, and three grandsons—not to mention that she taught only boys at Melbourne High School. By her sheer survival as teacher, mother, and psychologist, she considers herself something of an expert on boys. Joan loves her job, going to the gym, making bread, (boring, boring, boring. Next it will be romantic fireside chats and long walks on the beach at sunset!), socializing widely, and travelling around the world as often as she can with the love of her life. Her vast travels around the USA have provided fodder for the third book in this series as the inimitable Carter clan enjoy the wilds of Yeehaw Junction.

Life remains wonderfully hectic. Any similarity between Joan’s life and Beth’s is not purely coincidental.  Beth’s patients are pure fiction; her dogs are not. Her boys? Close!
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Review of Trust Me written by Joan Callahan
I had the pleasure to read “Trust Me” by Joan Callahan this week and what a surprising pleasure it was. I found myself laughing and shaking my head at shared family absurdities throughout this book. I simply couldn’t quit reading for wondering what in the world was going to happen to this family next!
This story is about a psychiatrist, Beth Carter, who just also happens to be a single mom raising 4 boys along with two dogs and various other animals while trying to run a successful business. Her office is located on the bottom floor of her home and the top floor is their living space, affectionately dubbed, ‘the ark’. Her relationship with her sons is so sweet and they take the shared household very seriously and diplomatically. Holding weekly meetings to address issues and make sure the ‘ark’ runs as smoothly as it can. Of course, since all of her boys have very strong, and sometimes odd personalities these meetings take on an unexpected dynamic and you’ll find yourself looking forward to their weekly meetings.
There is never a dull moment in the pages of Trust Me. The book will suck you in and have you reading frantically to see where this hilarious journey takes you. Every character in this book leaps off the page at you and you will fall in love with each and every one as their story unfolds. The characters are colorful and real; surprising you with their antics at every turn. The book is filled with real life situations, some funny and some not. Some situations will have you thinking, “I thought this sort of thing only happened in my family!” and all at once have you relieved that your family isn’t as bad as you thought!
The Carter family will steal your heart and have you rolling with laughter. Beth Carter is amazing in her parenting prowess and equally well equipped to treat her patients. The patients that come through Beth’s office are just as memorable and special as her children are in this book. I just couldn’t get enough of their stories. Some are shocking and some are just downright funny.
There are so many wonderfully written characters in this book that it is impossible for me to describe them all to you, but here is a brief attempt at their descriptions:
· Beth Carter: Single mom in her thirties, psychiatrist, family referee, and wondering if she will ever have or can handle any more men in her life.
· Noah Carter: Ex-husband to Beth and reluctant father of their four boys. I say reluctant because the man can barely get near his family without breaking out in hives and having an anxiety attack so strong that he actually faints.
· Harry Carter: Eldest son in the Carter family and a true thrill seeker that has an overwhelming love of life. The only problem is that he is extremely accident prone and is on a first name basis with the emergency room and radiology department.
· Magnus Carter: Another one of her sons is a self-proclaimed ‘god’s gift’ to woman worldwide. He is beautiful and charming but has a sweet heart when he needs to.
· Sammy Carter: At fifteen years of age it is clear that he has a bright future as a politician. He wears many hats, literally, and could sale a bag of sand in the middle of the desert with his charm and his smile.
· Ned Carter: aka-Baby, aka Barry, aka Edna, aka Neddy; the youngest member of the Carter clan. This sweet little four year old boy bravely weathers the storms that his brothers leave in their wake and patiently awaits for his family to pick a name for him that will stick.

These descriptions barely scratch the surface of these characters but they give you a fairly good example of what Beth Carter is valiantly coping with on a daily basis.
I give this book very high praise and recommend you read it with all haste. Trust Me is uplifting, funny and well written; you won’t be sorry that you rushed out to get this book. It is positively additive!



Indivisible Line Blog Tour & Review




Indivisible Line Cover

Summary:  Pre-med student Sarah Jones is back in Beaver, Alaska, for summer vacation.  A loyal member of the Gwich’in tribe, she accepts the rules set by her father, the leader of their small town. Raised in a strict household, she learned early on to do what is expected of her and has agreed to an arranged marriage. Despite her reluctance to marry without love, Sarah is unwilling to defy her father’s wishes. She hopes to help usher in an era of independence and stability for the town, but for now, her focus is finishing med school so she can become Beaver’s resident doctor.

Business owner Greg Andrews wants to escape his philandering wife and his life in general. Leaving New York City to join a hunting expedition in Alaska, Greg’s plans are turned upside down when he is shot on Gwich’in land and ends up on Sarah’s operating table. In the absence of a qualified doctor, Sarah must operate to save his life. She refuses to wait for the consent of their tribal leader, and her father banishes her from the tribal land in punishment.

Grateful for his life, Greg concocts a scheme to help. Plagued by the side effects of her unconventional operation, he convinces Sarah to become his live-in nurse. Without the means to support herself, Sarah agrees to the questionable arrangement, but she soon finds herself in even more trouble. Her new problem is that she is falling in love with this infuriating man, and the choices she now must make are much more difficult than the simple act of saving a man’s life.

Together, Sarah and Greg must both decide whether they can overcome the vast differences between them, or if the indivisible line that separates their worlds will ultimately pull them apart.


 I had the pleasure this week to read Indivisible Line by Lorenz Font and what a pleasant surprise it was.  I predominantly read paranormal romances but even I have to admit this was a really good read.    Ms. Font connects us to her characters quickly and in an engaging way.  The story bursts off of the page and immediately sucks you into the drama.  Soon after the book begins it grabs you, with one of my favorite kinds of moments, the kind of scene that has you reading with your mouth hanging open and the world around you is lost, leaving you breathless and wondering what the heck just happened.  This type of moment doesn’t end there either, you will find yourself surprised and shocked time and time again throughout this book.

The book begins in the tiny tourist town of Beaver, Alaska where life is quiet, simple and outrageously traditional.  It is like visiting a simpler time of our society; in Beaver a simple Community wide Saturday night movie is still a big deal.  The natives of Beaver know everyone who lives in their tiny town, not to mention, the intimate details of each other’s lives.  The Gwich’in tribe, also known as the Caribou People, live with a strict standard of tradition upheld by their tribal council and their chief, Ahila.

The primary character of the book is Sarah Jones, daughter of the tribal chief.  Sarah works summers in the tribe’s tiny, ill-equipped medical clinic, handling minor illnesses and injuries, and assisting the doctor from a neighboring town when he drops by the clinic.  The tribe, seeing the potential of having their own doctor on site, has agreed to pay Sarah’s way through medical school at UCLA.  Though she appreciates the tribe paying for her education, she feels trapped in a world that is stuck in a past full of rules and tradition.  The lack of modern equipment for the clinic frustrates Sarah but the most bothersome thing in her future is her arranged marriage to a popular tribal member, Tremble. Yes, you read right, an arranged marriage!  Sarah’s father negotiated the pairing years ago.  That was the Gwich’in tradition and the Chief expected the arrangement to be carried out, no questions asked.

When a gunshot victim is rushed to the tribe’s tiny clinic, Sarah is faced with saving a man’s life, even though she isn’t qualified to do so, or letting him die while waiting for the doctor from the neighboring town to get to them. The medicines on hand in the clinic were slim pickings and it would be a long while before they could get more; this meant she also had to choose between saving the man, and leaving her tribe short of much needed medications. The choice seemed to be an obvious one to her but the repercussions of her decision would change her life forever.

Enter Greg Andrews III.  What was supposed to be a getaway and celebration of his recent separation from his money-grubbing wife turned into a nightmare that never seemed to end.  He awakes in a primitive clinic and feels as if he has been run over by a truck.  The beautiful woman caring for him and how he came to be in her care were a mystery to him and so was the booming voice of an outraged man dragging his caregiver from the room.

This event sets off a chain of events that will change their lives forever.  Repercussions for the events that took place in the small town of Beaver affect these two characters in ways that are most unusual.  I don’t agree with how these two come into contact later on, but I will say it was very interesting and Sarah handled it much better than I would have.  Sarah is a very strong character, though sometimes her innocence might seem unusual, but growing up under the roof of the chief of the Gwich’in tribe and their traditions makes her personality very understandable.  She handles herself with grace throughout the book.  I have to admit that I secretly wanted her to flip out and tell some people off from time to time in this story but that’s mostly my personality trying to bleed into Ms. Font’s character.

Indivisible Line is a constant winding and twisting story that will keep you turning pages until the very end.   The struggle between the indivisible lines of social class, traditions, past baggage, and an unclear future keep these characters fighting to keep their heads above water. The things they discover about themselves and other people in the world around them are disturbing at times.  But through the hardships, anger, and fear these characters deal with throughout this book they discover strength in themselves that they didn’t know they had.

Does the guy get the girl?  Does she even want him too? Or does she blame him for her world crashing down around her?  Maybe he holds her responsible for all the wrong turns his life has taken since meeting her? Well if you want to know that, you will have to read this book for yourself because I’m not telling!

This book is a good read.  It is intelligently written and deals with narrow-mindedness that we sometimes forget still exists in this modern world that we live in.  You will come to realize while reading this wonderful book that hard core traditions and prejudice still exist.   This book is by no means depressing, don’t get me wrong.  There are also some very of humorous parts that balance the story well, but what stuck with me after reading it was the attitudes that still exist about social and economic class in our world today.  The characters will evoke strong emotions from you and you will be turning pages dying to know what happens next.

This story also has strong supporting characters, which I really like.  These characters help give us a better idea of the true character of our main players and add personality and humor to the overall story.

I commend Lorenz Font for the way she has written this story that is all at once, enthralling, infuriating, and all together entertaining. I highly suggest you add this book to your summer reading list.

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Be sure and look this author up.  I highly recommend all of her work!