Pre-Made Bookcovers

Pre-Made Covers

All pre-made covers are $45.00


Here are a few examples of my Pre-Made Covers,

for a full selection of Phantasy Graphic Design Pre-mades visit my website:

Dark Witch cover-1001

Erotic cover 2-1003

Girl at Ocean cover-1004

Girl Under Tree cover-1005

To order, you can visit my website or send me an email at:

In the email ‘subject line’ please insert ‘Pre-made Cover Order’

In the email body, please put the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • What cover you would like to purchase.
  • Author name to appear on cover.
  • Book title to appear on cover.

(Please double check the spelling on your order!)

Upon receipt of your request, I will remove the cover from this website.  

After personalizing it, per your request, I will send a watermarked copy of your cover along with an invoice for payment for the cover via PayPal.  When you approve the cover and I receive payment, I will sent you the full sized, unmarked copy of your book cover along with the documentation for the photographer and designer credit lines for the cover.  (If your publisher needs the image in ‘layers’, I will provide it to you free of charge upon request within 60 days of purchase.)

All final covers will be 1668w X 2568h unless otherwise specified by you.

*Note:  I only accept payment through PayPal at this time.




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