‘Saving Grace’ & ‘Leaving Annalise’

‘Saving Grace’ and ‘Leaving Annalise’ written by Pamela Fagan Hutchins


Cover designer for these books:  Heidi Dorey

I had the great pleasure of meeting the author of these two books, Pamela Fagan Hutchins, at the Texas State Book Festival in Austin, Texas in October of 2013. Ms. Hutchins is not only a great writer but she seems to also be very sweet and personable. When I talked with her at the festival she treated me like an old friend and I was impressed with her enthusiasm and wit. We had a nice conversation about books and digital art while I was at her booth and I couldn’t resist buying these two books and snagging autographs for both. She’s from Texas, like me, and I enjoy supporting our local authors and it was a true pleasure to me her.  I have now added yet another wonderful author to my ever increasing library.

Now on with my review:
I’m not sure how to categorize these books as far as genre—they are romance novels, yes, but they could also fall under the categories of action, mystery, or dare I say even ghost stories. They are a complex mix of all of the afore mentioned and all I can say is hang on for a wild ride.  I’ve read both of these books over the course of the last two weeks and I loved them both. I can’t wait for the next one in the series to hit the shelves. They are full of fun, suspense and thrills throughout and were very satisfying to read. I hear they have been compared to the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, but being a huge fan of that series, I’d have to disagree. There may be a couple of things that are reminiscent of the Plum series but Katie Connell stands on her own two feet and bears little resemblance to Evanovich’s lovable character.

Book one:  Saving Grace–Katie Connell is a lawyer who has lost both of her parents in a freak car accident on a tropical island about a year ago and is about to find her own life in a wreck itself. Her whole world finishes flipping upside down beginning with a would-be romance with her sometimes work partner/PI, Nick, (that might have just existed in her head), and a court case from hell that she could see was going to be a train wreck from the beginning even through her alcoholic haze.  After being shunned by Nick and the court case tanked (along with her break down going viral on YouTube), she runs from her old life to the tropical paradise that was the place of her parents death and straight into a life that she would have never imagined.
On the tropical island of San Marcos, Katie finds a new friend in a local karaoke singer, Ava. She then is introduced to Rashidi who is the local expert on all things botanical on the island. These two are trying to help her fit in on the island and find out more information about her parents deaths. Pushed by Ava to take a tour of the rainforest with Rashidi as the guide, Katie’s life takes another turn that she didn’t expect. It is on this tour of the rainforest that Katie falls hard for an abandoned mansion on the top of a huge hill in the forest. The locals called it a jumbie house. ( Haunted to all of us land lovers.) The strange thing is that the ghost, Annalise, which haunts and protects that old mansion, wants Katie to live in it. Annalise speaks to Katie, and beckons to her to save the old house and restore it to its original beauty.
Katie successfully purchases the mansion and starts renovating Annalise and meets all sorts of local characters in the process. Restoring a house on the remote island of San Marcos is a bit more complicated that it had first seemed. Finding reliable, honest help was proving difficult too. As if that wasn’t enough stress for Katie to deal with, her new friend Ava has been accused of murder. Things get even more twisted and exciting after that, and all the while Katie is trying to move on with her life and even find a new love to distract her from all of her problems.
Saving Grace will have you turning the pages at lightning speed to see what will happen next in the tropical paradise that has a twisted side that people rarely see.
Book two:  Leaving Annalise, takes your breath away with the first few pages as the love that Katie thought was lost forever suddenly shows up and rocks her world. Nick Kovacs makes his appearance and nothing is the same after that. Leaving Annalise is a whirlwind of events that will leave your heart pounding and have you wondering what else could possibly happen to these two lovers who seem to be destined to be together. Annalise herself will fight for these two fated loves and will stop at nothing to protect them. But others have their own agenda when it comes to the lives of these star-crossed lovers. They face the death of more family members, to custody battles, to threats of murder, to freaked out ex-lovers and fortune hunters. Leaving Annalise is non-stop action from the first page to the last. You will be swept away in the romance of Nick and Katie, fascinated by the ghost of Annalise and scratching your head trying to figure out who is causing all the trouble that seems to envelope all of these characters.
This series is a must read. Do you hear the words coming out of my mouth? A must read! They are awesome and have me eagerly awaiting the next book release to the series.

You can find these books and others written by Pamela Fagan Hutchins at
They are on sale right now for .99 and 2.99!  You can’t beat that price for great entertainment.  Don’t wait to grab these two books to keep you warm and cozy on the upcoming cold winter nights.


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