Review of Dead Ever After


Review of DEAD EVER AFTER by Charlaine Harris
     I have been a longtime fan of the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris; the book series that gave birth to the insanely popular HBO series, True Blood.  I was a fan of the books long before the television series began and have immersed myself in this series for more hours and days than is probably healthy for a person.  These books are just that good.  They are tremendously entertaining, well written and extremely imaginative.  Charlaine Harris never fails to shock me with the twists and turns in this series.   Dead Ever After is the last installment of this wonderful series and I will miss spending my days with Sookie and her friends in Bon Temps.  Although I am sad to see it come to an end, I am honored to write this review for one of the best book series I have ever had the pleasure to read.
     If you have read any of this series, you know that Sookie is constantly pulled between the two worlds of human and the supernatural.  Her history is riddled with action that has almost left her dead on many occasions and has brought her tremendous pleasure at others.  This book is no different.  Sookie finds herself in the mist of trouble again when someone with a bone to pick is trying to kill her.  She has no idea who it could be and for a while she thinks that she will have to survive this threat on her own.
     Everyone is still reeling from the war of the Fairies and Sookie finds that no one is around to help her out.  Her house is empty for the first time in Lord knows when, Bill is keeping his distance, Eric is occupied with the power shift going on with the vampires and Sam is still recovering from her bringing him back from the dead with the cluviel dor.
     She soon discovers that she has more friends than she had known as characters from her past begin to surface to help her.  In this book we are revisited by the likes of Alcide, Quinn, Mr. Cataliades, Diantha, Barry the Bellboy, Amelia and Bob just to name a few.  Of course the regulars are also present, such as Jason, Bill, Eric, Pam, Andy, Sam, and many others that inhabit BonTemps and Shreveport.
     Eric isn’t as present in this book as I personally would have liked. (You see, I like Eric a lot!)  But in any case, he is in his own predicament with the Vampires and is unable to help Sookie personally.  But as you might guess, Eric has mysterious ways about him and the way he works, and you’re never really sure whether he is doing something because it benefits him or if it’s to help.
     Now I will not give away what happens in this book in case you haven’t read it, but in a style that is so true to the writing of Ms. Harris, this is a real page turner.  It will keep you guessing all the way to the very end and has more twists and turns than a back road in Louisianna!  You think you know what’s coming and then suddenly out of left field you are floored by what comes next.  This is a seriously gratifying read for any Sookie Stackhouse fan.
     With all that being said, I am usually disappointed with the way authors end their book series, but not in this case.  Charlaine Harris somehow managed to bring to an end this thirteen novel series, not to mention several companion books, to a neat and satisfying end in Dead Ever After.  I was amazed and pleased by the way she accomplished this and literally sighed with satisfaction when I read the last page of the book.  She left no loose ends that I could think of and believe me, I have read these books a time or two.  Everyone ended up where it was logical for them to be, along with a few surprises that you never would have thought of.
     I give Charlaine Harris high praise for Dead Ever After.   This book isn’t rushed, there is no cramming of information to get it all complete, and it flows perfectly from the first word to the last word written.  It is the best completion of a story I have ever read.  I think you will be pleased with it too.
On a side note, don’t miss reading the dedication and acknowledgments in the beginning of the book.  It is basically Ms. Harris’ thank you to all of us fans and a farewell to the series.  It’s very sweet and heartfelt.  We love you too Charlaine!
Now, if you have been in a hole somewhere and haven’t heard of these books, go find them.  This is an excellent series that young and old, male and female, alike will enjoy.  Here’s a handy list of the series if you don’t know where to start:
1. Dead After Dark
2. Living Dead in Dallas
3. Club Dead
4. Dead to the World
5. Dead as a Doornail
6. Definitely Dead
7. All Together Dead
8. From Dead to Worse
9. Dead and Gone
10. Dead in the Family
11. Dead Reckoning
12. Deadlocked
13. Dead Ever After
A Touch of Dead:  Sookie Stackhouse, The Complete Stories
The Sookie Stackhouse Companion novel

6 thoughts on “Review of Dead Ever After

  1. I’ve read about half of these, and then started reading young adult literature for my job in the public schools. I miss them and wish I had time to start the whole series over. They are incredible stories, and in my opinion, True Blood just didn’t measure up to the books. I watched the first few episodes and turned that junk off. The books are HUGELY better! Great review!

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